At Eco Guar Group, we believe building a more sustainable future is our responsibility; healthy choices are empowering; and doing Good in business is good for all.

We are on the leading-edge of sustainability in the Guar products industry, and our positive impact also contributes to the Social Responsibility goals and efforts of our customers' organizations.

Eco Guar Group supports sustainable practices, helping promote healthy ecosystems with no actions that degrade soil, water or other natural resources. In addition, our green technology and manufacturing innovations are unique in the industry, and we prioritize making continual efforts to lessen our environmental footprint.


In India, the Guar Bean is a heritage crop, grown for many centuries.

Guar is also a sustainable crop. Ours comes from rain-fed fields on marginal land located in semi-arid states of Northern India - Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana.

Because it is rain-fed, and not watered from irrigation, our Guar does not draw from ground water natural resources nor impact communities' water supplies.    


Historically, Guar Beans were grown as a sustenance crop that was an important food and nourishment source for people and animals in poor communities.

Today, Eco Guar Group actively supports family farmers to use sustainable farming methods through farming education programs and ongoing activities. No synthetic fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide, no genetically modified seed (no GMO) or no groundwater is used to grow our Guar Beans. Also, the plants are used for crop rotation to naturally replenish the soil with essential nutrients and fertilizers.


Eco Guar Group is a leader in green technology in the Guar products industry in India. We use Solar Panels to generate renewable energy to heat water required in processing, reducing LP gas usage by over 50%. EE3/EE4 highly-efficient rated motors reduce electricity usage by 25%.

Additionally, water conservation measures feature advanced processing that uses 75% less water.

Overall, there is zero discharge - no smoke, no dust and no dirty water. The only remaining component from Guar Gum processing is the Guar husk, which is recycled into the natural animal feeds of Guar Korma and Guar Meal Churi.


At Eco Guar Group, we believe doing Good in business is good for all. With sustainable farming practices avoiding hazardous synthetic chemicals along with green technology and zero manufacturing discharge, Eco Guar Group helps protect public health in Northern India, promoting stronger, more vital communities and making life healthier and safer for workers and the local families.


A Silver rating puts Eco Guar Group in the Top 30% of suppliers.

A Silver rating puts Eco Guar Group in the Top 30% of suppliers.

EcoVadis is a leading global CSR scorecard and ratings platform to assess performance across four key areas: environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Their mission and criteria include the following:

  • Measure and benchmark sustainability performance

  • Make transparency a scaleable and efficient process

  • Facilitate continuous improvement and innovation

Environment Criteria:

  • Energy consumption reduction

  • Water

  • Biodiversity

  • Waste & Pollution reduction

Labor & Human Rights Criteria:

  • Employee health & safety

  • Working conditions

  • Child & forced labor

  • Fundamental human rights

Ethics Criteria:

  • Corruption & bribery

  • Anti-competitive practices

Sustainable Procurement Criteria:

  • Supplier Environmental Practices

  • Supplier Social Practices


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