At Eco Guar Group, we believe building a more sustainable future is our responsibility; healthy choices are empowering; and doing Good in business is good for all.

We are on the leading-edge of ethical sourcing in the Guar products industry, and our positive impact also contributes to the Social Responsibility goals of our customers' organizations.

Ethical community fair trade means we work to promote economic sustainability, with the highest standards in the Guar product industry for fair labor practices, wages and benefits combined with fair crop payments and community empowerment.


Historically, Guar Beans were grown as a sustenance crop that was an important food and nourishment source for people and animals in poor communities in India.

Today, Eco Guar Group supports the efforts of family farmers to achieve economic sustainability through farming education programs and ongoing activities, along with prompt payment of fair crop prices in Co-Op trading markets to promote economic empowerment.


Our manufacturer in India is a leader in global labor practices and is the only one in the Guar products industry to provide comprehensive employee benefits, including health care insurance and retirement plans.

Vocational skills training is available to all employees. Additionally, there are active efforts to increase gender diversity in the workforce.  And there is strict compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Child Labor Laws in India.

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Our efforts in community empowerment center around support of children's education in Northern India through funding of critical items such as desks with chairs, computers, blackboards, books and bookshelves along with tools to provide clean water at schools.

GLOBAL CSR SCORECARD - Ethical sourcing

A Silver rating puts Eco Guar Group in the Top 30% of suppliers.

A Silver rating puts Eco Guar Group in the Top 30% of suppliers.

EcoVadis is a leading global CSR scorecard and ratings platform to assess performance across four key areas: environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Their mission and criteria include the following:

  • Measure and benchmark sustainability performance

  • Make transparency a scaleable and efficient process

  • Facilitate continuous improvement and innovation

Environment Criteria:

  • Energy consumption reduction

  • Water

  • Biodiversity

  • Waste & Pollution reduction

Labor & Human Rights Criteria:

  • Employee health & safety

  • Working conditions

  • Child & forced labor

  • Fundamental human rights

Ethics Criteria:

  • Corruption & bribery

  • Anti-competitive practices

Sustainable Procurement Criteria:

  • Supplier Environmental Practices

  • Supplier Social Practices


ECO GUAR GROUP™ specifications

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