Our many advantages create added value and advance us to the leading-edge of Guar product suppliers:

- Highest Quality

- Social Responsibility

- 100% Traceability

- No Upcharge to Price

- CPG Insight

- Management

- Business Ethics

- Trusted Manufacturing

- Certifications


Our HighEST Quality PRODUCTS

Vertical integration enables access to highest quality Guar products, due to our ability to manage tighter quality controls. We employ 24-hour production testing to further ensure the highest product quality and consistency. Our products are perfect for clean label efforts, meeting the standard for 100% natural and Non-GMO claims.


Our Social responsibility FOCUS

At Eco Guar Group, we believe building a more sustainable future is our responsibility; healthy choices are empowering; and doing Good in business is good for all.

We are on the leading-edge of sustainability and ethical sourcing in the Guar industry, and our positive impact also contributes to the Social Responsibility goals and efforts of our customers' organizations.


We support sustainable practices, helping promote healthy ecosystems with no actions that degrade soil, water or other natural resources. In addition, our green technology and manufacturing innovations are unique in industry, and we prioritize making continual efforts to lessen our environmental footprint.

Ethical Community Fair Trade:  

Ethical community fair trade promotes economic sustainability, with the highest standards for fair labor practices, wages and benefits combined with fair crop payments and community empowerment. Our trusted manufacturer is a leader in global labor practices and is in strict compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Child Labor Laws in India.


Our 100% traceability to farmer

100% Traceability to farmer across our entire product volume supports sustainability goals. It is made possible through our vertical integration combined with our robust Traceability Process, giving strict control over our supply chain for a consistently high quality product. Our transparency in our supply chain promotes food safety resulting in a healthy and safe product while permitting ethical sourcing validation.


Our vertical integration

Vertical integration permits extended control over our supply chain to ensure consistent delivery of the highest quality Guar products while guaranteeing continuity of supply. Also, the resulting 100% traceability to farmer supports Social Responsibility, sustainability and ethical sourcing efforts.


Our added value has no upcharge to price

Highest quality, true sustainability, 100% traceability and ethical sourcing are at the core of Eco Guar Group. Our many advantages create added value, and Eco Guar Group delivers all with no upcharge or premium to pricing.


Our consumer Insight and CPG ExperiencE

Our Management Team has extensive experience in the Consumer Package Goods industry across multiple product categories and leading companies, so we have a firsthand understanding of the needs of our customers and their internal stakeholders. In addition, we are always attuned to ever-changing consumer dynamics, looking for new opportunities for growth.


Our Management Team

Eco Guar Group is led by accomplished high-performing U.S. senior management professionals with a combined business experience of over 70 years.

We understand the high ethical standards of doing business in the U.S. We are accessible, present and able to provide responsive customer service.

As senior executives in the Consumer Package Goods industry from leading companies including L’Oréal and Borden, we have an experience-based understanding of the needs of our customers and their internal stakeholders. In addition, we are always attuned to ever-changing consumer dynamics, looking for new opportunities for growth.



Social and governmental compliance and accountability is adhered to and is a priority for Eco Guar Group and our trusted manufacturer in India.

Eco Guar Group

  • U.S. based LLC registered in New York State operated by experienced U.S. Management team with 100% Minority Ownership and 52% Women Ownership
  • Exclusive supply agreement and ownership interests in place allow us to own the supply chain and guarantee quality, continuity and traceability
  • Transparent pricing for trustworthy business practices

Our Trusted Manufacturer in India

  • Benchmarks U.S. for ethical business practices
  • Risk control policy in effect which is tested and validated annually
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) policy in place with continuing education and strict compliance
  • Employs auditors and complies with Indian and International GAAP accounting
  • Leader in global labor practices and is the only one in industry to provide comprehensive employee benefits


Our TRUSTED manufacturinG

Eco Guar Group is a supplier with an exclusive supply agreement and ownership interests in place to own the supply chain and guarantee the quality, continuity and traceability of our products. We work with a leading and trusted Guar products manufacturer in India:  

  • Founded in 2012, they have grown to be a Top 3 manufacturer of Guar Gum
  • Competitive advantage of vertical integration ensures the highest quality, consistency and guaranteed delivery
  • Industry-leading renewable energy and green technology manufacturing innovations help reduce environmental footprint
  • Product customized to meet customer specifications supported by extensive experience, superior manufacturing technology and engineering combined with expert technical support. All with reliable, efficient global shipment and logistics


our certifications

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our certifications help demonstrate our integrity and commitment to our values, product quality, business practices and governance across our products, company and trusted manufacturer.